Fatty Liver Disease SymptomsEzra protocol with medical home remedies reverses fatty liver disease, saving one from liver cancer risk that is invariably attached with the condition.

What happens in the condition is that large vacuoles of triglyceride fat start getting accumulated in the liver cells owing to the process called steatosis in which an abnormal retention of lipids starts depositing toxic substances in a body cell.

Excessive alcohol intake and obesity are the two main phenomena that accompany the condition which may worsen with the third participant called steatohepatitis that is a form of hepatitis causing progressive liver inflammation. There can be two varieties of the condition, known as alcoholic liver disease and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.

Apart from alcohol, the causation comprises metabolic syndrome including diabetes, hypertension, obesity and dyslipidemia; though some other metabolic diseases, nutritional insufficiencies, drugs including their toxic varieties, and a few other diseases may play their role in precipitating the condition as well.

Liver Cirrhosis

The risk factors involved are the progression of fatty liver disease to liver cirrhosis if it is related to excessive alcohol intake, which may further develop to hepatocellular carcinoma or the liver cancer. Once liver cancer gets contracted, it becomes extremely difficult to treat the same.

Treatment by the mainstream medicine is only possible at early stages of the illness before liver cirrhosis or liver cancer take over the condition, which goes along treating the factor that has been responsible in generating the illness.

Debra Elkin

But here is a new hope for all advanced cases of the illness as well that Debra Elkin, former liver disease sufferer and health consultant has brought along with her medical home remedies to the so far unlucky patients who have lost all hope to recover from this debilitating condition of theirs. She had been diagnosed of an imminent risk of liver cirrhosis or liver cancer as well as a need for a liver transplant only a couple of years ago.

Dr Alphred Pischinger

She had suffered for years trying every single treatment she could put her eyes and her hands on before she met Mr Jacob Ezra in Reims, an alternative medicine practitioner working along the lines of medical home remedies and specializing solely in fatty liver disease and liver cirrhosis for the past 27 years taking his insights from Dr Alphred Pischinger, head of the University of Medicine in Graz (1936-1945) and his work, and coming out with what is popularly known as Ezra protocol now, which is a holistic, multidimensional, 5-Step plan for reversing fatty liver disease and obesity.

Debra met this man and within two months she was completely free of all her symptoms, thanks to all the medical home remedies that she used over there. Her liver enzymes were normal once again. She lost 17 pounds off her body and was an actively healthy person after the treatment was over.

She has made it a mission of her life to spread word about Ezra protocol now, with her 163 page downloadable ebook named The Fatty Liver Bible & Ezra Protocol.

Fatty Liver Bible

And the best thing is that she doesn’t only sell her ebook to the sufferers forgetting them after the sale is made, she also offers them personal counseling along without charging any money for the same – in fact she is offering personal counseling as an integral part of this entire vast program of hers. You get personal one-on-one counseling with Debra Elkin for full 12 weeks!

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