Tennis Elbow SymptomsTennis elbow treatment aka lateral epicondylitis treatment is done better with medical home remedies than with any braces, exercises, pills, creams, shots or surgery for the purpose.

The condition turning the elbow sore and tender is caused by an overuse injury in the lateral part of the elbow at common extensor tendon originating from lateral epicondyle. Overexertion done by a continuous repetitive movement at the elbow joint for years together creates a chronic pain at the epicondyle of long bone of the forearm.

It not only happens to tennis players. In fact anyone who would be regularly engaged in activities using elbow in a repetitive movement a lot could develop the condition.

The symptoms comprise outer elbow pain, lateral epicondyle tenderness, inefficient grip, painful wrist extension and morning stiffness.

Direct blows to the epicondyle, a sudden forceful pull, or forceful extension can cause the condition as much as does the overuse of the elbow.

Tennis Elbow Treatment

Mainstream medicine uses many approaches for lateral epicondylitis treatment including physical therapy, NSAIDs like ibuprofen, naproxen or aspirin, heat or ice, tennis elbow brace, vibration therapy, botulinum toxin, extra corporeal shock wave therapy or lithotriptor, heat therapy, using a splint, cortisone shots, low level laser therapy, occupational therapy, platelet rich plasma, pulsed ultrasound, sclerotherapy, trigger point therapy, rebox electrotherapy and ultimately the surgery.

Unluckily the evidence base for any effective intervention into the condition from above-mentioned treatment methods is quite poor.

Geoff Hunt

But everything is not lost yet. Here is Geoff Hunt; a certified personal fitness trainer (CPFT), an exercise rehab specialist (ERS) and a survivor of the condition himself; who suffered from its pain for 7 long years spending to the tune of a thousand dollars on almost all the mainstream medicine tennis elbow treatment aka lateral epicondylitis treatment methods listed above, just short of surgery, if any.

It was only after he used his long standing experience as a specialized fitness trainer to search for a permanent relief for his own condition out of medical home remedies that he could ultimately come out of its clutches.

Now he has come up with Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed that at first relieves the pain as fast as in mere 72 hours, and then permanently cures it in mere 30 days for good as it did with Geoff Hunt himself, by performing his 5 miraculous medical home remedies for tennis elbow for as short a duration as only 5 minutes every other day.

Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed

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